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Essential Apartment Furniture Checklist

In cities across the country, the last day of every month is "Sidewalk Christmas." Apartment dwellers everywhere leave their old furniture at the curb before moving out. That way, industrious scavengers like you can come and "shop" their favorite piecesfor free!

Whether you're going to hunt down those freebies or you'll be hitting up the furniture store, don't start gathering pieces without a plan. Instead, start with a checklist of the essential furniture for apartment living. Luckily for you, we made this one so we could help you out! 

At Miller West, we know a thing or two about how to furnish your first apartment without clutter or confusion! After reading this list, you'll be well equipped to deck out your new space with functional and attractive apartment furniture. 

Read on to get the full scoop on the essential furniture for your first apartment!

Furniture for a Lively Living Room

Here's a secret that all experienced apartment-dwellers know: a lot of what we consider "living" involves sitting down! The key to a comfortable, functional living room is seating. If you design your room around a couch or loveseat, we guarantee you'll do a lot of living in your living room!

Take a Seat

After choosing your couch, decide if you need other seating options. Pair your love seat with a coordinating accent chair to add seating in a smaller space. A storage ottoman is another simple seating option that provides some sneaky storage in a pinch. 

In a smaller apartment, a convertible couch can allow you to host overnight guests, even if you don't have a guest room. 

a living room with a couch a table and a chair

Entertain Yourself

How do you plan to spend most of your time? If binging the latest TV show is on the agenda, include a television setup. Wall-mounting a TV is a great way to save space. 

Are you more of a board-games guy, or a reader? Prioritize furniture that allows you to access your favorite books and games. A few open-faced shelves will often do the trick. 

If the tools you need for your hobby are easy to access, you're more likely to spend quality time in your living room.

Somewhere to Put a Drink Down

Coffee tables are the VIPs of furniture for apartments. They provide a place for you to put your feet up, put your drink down, and relax. They also help ensure you never lose your remote controls, assuming you remember to put them back!

You might want to look for a coffee table that offers additional storage for any knick-knacks, chargers, or extra blankets you might need to access during game night. 

Furniture for a Mind-Blowing Bedroom

If you don't know where to start choosing furniture for your bedroom, you might be too tired to tackle this task! Then again, purchasing a sturdy bed frame and comfy mattress might help with that problem! We recommend designing your bedroom around your bed! 

Make sure you choose a mattress based on the size of your new bedroom. A California King may be cozy, but it won't leave much room for a side table or bureau! If your room is tight, a headboard with storage can solve that problem. 

a bedroom with a bed and a nightstand with a lamp on it

A Place to Put Your Glass of Water

A nightstand or bedside table is essential for most people moving into an apartment for the first time. It will offer you a place to set down your glass of water, keep your bedtime reads, place your glasses, and charge your phone. It's also the perfect spot for an alarm clock or always-on device.

As always, any furniture piece that offers extra storage space is your friend, so choose wisely!

A Spot to Stick Your Clothes

When you tour your new apartment building, ask if there are closets. Either way, a dresser is one of the most necessary types of apartment furniture. You need a place to keep your clothes, and maybe even your television!

If you don't have a closet, consider a garment rack or wardrobe with space to hang things. 

Furniture for a Kicking Kitchen

The right furniture for your kitchen will depend a lot on your space. Do you have room for a dining table and chairs, or do you need to set up a few bar stools and make your counter do double duty? As long as you have a place to sit and eat, you'll be all set when it's time to set up your first kitchen

a kitchen with a stove a refrigerator and a sink

Consider a Cart

If you're short on storage space, a kitchen cart is a portable piece of furniture that will make cooking a breeze. It's a cross between a kitchen island and a prep station. It'll give you extra counter space and storage for your ingredients, appliances, and cooking tools. 

Furniture for a Zen Balcony Space

If you're lucky enough to be moving into Miller West Apartments, you'll have your own balcony or patio to decorate! Before choosing furniture, decide what you want your patio space to be. Is it a drinking space, a relaxing space, a functional gardening space, or something unique? 

Whatever you choose, don't forget some outdoor seating that can hold up to the elements. An outdoor bistro set gives you the space to work, eat, and relax outside. Add a few all-weather pillows to complete your amazing outdoor room!

The Essential Furniture for Apartment Living

An apartment is a small space with huge potential! When you refer to our list of essential furniture for apartment life, you won't end up with a collection of ottomans when what you actually need is a coffee table! With enough forethought and planning, your first apartment will transform into a cozy, functional space full of everything you need to live your best independent life!

It doesn't get any better than move-in day at Miller West Apartments! We offer one, two, and three-bedroom spaces in the heart of gorgeous Flint, Michigan. Grab your furniture checklist and schedule your tour today—you'll be ready to move in no time!